The slip lead is my go to, and a great place to start when teaching your dog how to heel. The slip lead allows for more control and better direction. Many collars ride down the dogs neck hurting their trachea, but this tool has a fasten that prevents this from happening.

 Every dog needs mental stimulation to live a healthy & happy life. The Kong is sturdy and it is made out of rubber that is pretty indestructable. You won't have to be replacing this toy as often as you replace others. I mainly use these to work on dogs that have separation anxiety or suffer from a lack of mental stimulation, but every dog can benefit from these!

Bully sticks are the best alternative for rawhide. They are packed with nutrients and best of all they are 100% natural. 

Bully sticks also promote healthy teeth! They help scrape any tartar and plaque build up while chewing.

I have never met a dog that did not absolutely go crazy for these treats. They are hands down the most effective treat for training. These liver treats are freeze dried and made from 100% beef. This means your dog gets proper nutrition while learning at the same time!

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