Dog sitting is provided for those who are going on vacation or will be out for a few days.  Your furr baby will be in good hands in the trainers home while you are away.  We can administer any meds and cater to any special requests.  Bookings should be at least 2 weeks in advanced.  Call us today!

What separates Dog code from those popular dog walking apps?



Our Walkers have extensive experience in the animal field as dog trainers, Walkers, and in the medical field.  We believe Dogs Are as important as our human family members and deserve experienced pet care.

Boarding & Check-in Fees:

Drop in Visits:

                 (30 minutes) $25 

                 +5 per additional pet


$50/day for Dog Code Service Dogs

$60/day for training customers $80/day for non-training customers

$95/day for puppies


Holiday fee: +$10/day 


*Must Contact us for availability at least 2 weeks in advanced

*Dogs must be Up to date on all vaccines