My passion for Dogs came at an early age.  It has always been a career goal of Mine to work with dogs in some capacity.  So I went to work, earning Degrees in Biology and Psychology in 2010 so that I could better understand mans best friend.  In 2011, I completed my Vet tech certification.  This allowed me to work with dogs in the medical field, administering medications and understanding doggy sicknesses.  I apprenticed at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility where I gained valuable experience alongside Veterinarians and R.V.T's.  Once done, I volunteered in a shelter setting learning about the Kennel and how to have a safe and sanitary environment for our furry loved ones.  

I decided to apprentice at Little Angels Service Dogs, which is a non-profit organization where I learned valuable training skills and earned my certification as a Trainer.

This same organization offered me a position to train full-time.  Eventually I became the apprenticeship instructor, Medical Coordinator, Kennel manager and Handler training instructor.  I have found my passion in training these gentle souls and believe it is our responsibility as owners to offer the proper guidance to our family pets. 



I believe that all dogs are different and our training methods should reflect that.  I am a balanced trainer, which means I believe in using the right tools for YOUR dog depending on the situation.


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